The world is a joke – no matter how serious things get, there’s always some kind of uncanny coincidence, a bizarre misaligning of the stars that results in news that even The Onion wouldn’t be able to dream up.

The latest in this series of cosmic WTFuckery is the news of a student named Rahul Modi, who recently scored rank 420 in the UPSC exam. 

So not only is his name a portmanteau of 2 highly political figures (a polimanteau, if you will), but he also scored 420 in his exams? Seriously god, you’re hitting us with the ‘chaar sau bees-polimanteau combo’? Damn.

As you can probably tell, Twitter pounced on this freaky twist of fate like a moth to the flame. A 420 flame.

Have a good life, Rahul Modi!