Every gated society or gated apartment has that one neighbor who likes to socialize with everyone and pokes their nose in everyone’s business. However, the lockdown has been especially hard for these neighbours.  

But, stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian understood their plight. He started a hilarious series called ‘Building Uncles’ where he aptly portrays all those ‘social’ uncles who are making the most of this lockdown while staying home. 

Lockdown hai toh kya? Sunlight is important. 

Aye hello! No one is allowed in the building until someone is delivering my stuff. Okay?   

Why did they have to open the wine shops ya? Oh, but stress needs to be released too. Kya karein? 

Aye watchman! Check why Pandey ji needs to buy vegetables every 2 days during the lockdown. Kuch toh gadbad hai. 

Sharma ji, I’m working all the time nowadays. But my wife does all the washing, cooking, cleaning and buying grocery. Except that, I’m doing everything. 

Why did the government start domestic flights? Now people from other cities will spread corona here. Except Gupta Ji, he is a nice man. 

WTH? Why did Mahesh go out everyday, now he’s going to bring coronavirus to the building. Oh! He was a doctor…

Arey Building uncle, jaane do yaaar. 

When even the watchman dosen’t care about your life.   

Hello uncle! Unlock is for emergencies only. 

When uncle is not a fan of football. 

Building uncle, stop being so rude!

Man, this sure is relatable.