Simran and Raj were finally together at the end of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. They had fought against all odds and had finally gotten the blessings of Simran’s family by the end of the movie. This tale of never ending love and the will to go to any extent to live together is in fact a tale of two assholes who ruin everyone else’s life for their own happiness.

“Jaa Simran, jaa. Jeele apni zindagi.”

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We were watching the movie recently and we finally saw the real story. These love birds are selfish AF. No other character apart from them will end up happy at the end of the movie. Here is what happens to the other characters:

1. Kuljeet Singh gets cheated on and is left high and dry at the platform.

Kuljeet was a nice guy who was only trying to fend off a douchebag who was getting too close to his sister. After being cheated on, he was left alone at a railway station as he saw his fiance run away with the same douchebag.

Kuljeet did nothing wrong when he decided to take on Raj at the railway station. His sister was used by Raj to get close to the family and then Raj had turned out to be the estranged lover of his fiance. He was only venting. The movie ends with him being left alone at a railway platform while he sees his fiance literally run away from him. What the fuck, Simran! Kuljeet probably turned into an alcoholic after this.

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2. Preeti Singh was misled by Raj who left her for her brother’s fiance.

Preeti is led on by Raj and his father. She is made to believe that Raj is in love with her and they’re going to get married. Preeti was extremely heartbroken at the end of the movie.

Raj and Simran fucking leave for good only to leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. They decide to fuck over the Singh khandaan in particular, as Preeti is only the second victim in the situation. 

b’Source – Yash Raj Films’

3. Daadi’s last wish, to see her poti getting married, wasn’t fulfilled.

Daadi died unhappy at the end of the movie, as the selfish couple celebrated their love.

Daadi believed that she would die the next day, and so she wanted to see Simran getting married that day. Simran decided to take off with Raj instead, and Daadi probably died without getting her aakhri khwaaish fulfilled.

b’Source – Yash Raj Films’

4. Kammo Kaur, Simran’s Bua, was left alone as Raj and his dad fucked off on the train.

Kammo was being led on by Raj’s father, but the father of a douchebag is a douchebag, and he left her behind.

Kammo was one of the most lovable characters in the movie. Simran’s bua showed a lot of interest in Raj’s father who reciprocated with gestures that clearly show that he was interested in her as well. WTF Anupam Kher! You led her on and left her with a broken heart. It was all because Raj and Simran were too narcissistic to realise that they are not allowing these two love birds to be together.


5. Baldev Singh Chaudhary, Simran’s father, was embarrassed in front of his biraadri but to save his face, he had to pretend that he let her go.

When your beloved daughter uchhalos your pagdi in front of the entire biraadri, you have no other options than to let your daughter go away. Biraadri mein thhoo thhoo ho gayi!

Baldev Singh Chaudhary loves his daughters and wants the best for them. He had found the perfect family and the perfect groom for Simran. The groom was earning well and would probably keep his daughter happy as well. What does Simran do for Baldev? She took a dump on his good intentions so that she could have a good little time with Raj.


6. Rajeshwari ‘Chutki’ Singh, Simran’s sister, had her life turned to hell after her elder sister had broken their parents’ trust.

Chutki won’t have the same freedom that her sister had after Simran broke Baldev’s trust.

After Simran decided to embarrass her family in front of the entire society, Chutki might have paid for it as Baldev and Lajjo would have tried to mend their ways and curtail Chutki’s freedom to keep her in check. That means no foreign trips for her and that they’ll probably marry her off to the first decent guy they could find. 



Raj and Simran probably didn’t have a happy married life either.

Raj is the most irresponsible boyfriend ever who puts Simran at risk all the time. He has a cool dad so he never realises how strict parents behave. He was horrible at studies and doesn’t have a proper job either. Simran has her own dreams to achieve but how will she do it if she has an idiot to take care of for the rest of her life. 

They’d probably be divorced by now with Simran getting the kid. Raj is probably one of the creepy alcoholic uncles you’d encounter at a pub in Delhi.


This isn’t the happily ever after scenario you had imagined, is it?