Rajinikanth is no ordinary being. While other men might say, ‘Oh my God!’, God himself says, ‘Oh my Rajinikanth’. So obviously, his stunts will also be just as divine. Here are 25 gifs that prove Rajinikanth is the ultimate stuntman of all time.

1. His gaze is so powerful that he can even stare off a bullet.

2. He never needs a lighter.

3. He doesn’t really need to fight. He just has to B-boy.

4. Like we said, he never carries a lighter.

5. The only Indian after Kapil Dev with impeccable line and length.

6. He doesn’t really need a pole to jump to a height of 10 feet.

If only he’d participated in the Olympics, we’d have more medals than China in high jump.

7. Some say that his skull is made of titanium.

8. Others say his teeth are made of loha Kyunki loha hi lohe ko kat tha hai.

9. He’s always on a roll. But when he’s angry, he rolls better.

10. When life gives a Rajini logs, he turns them into arrows.

11. A slight movement of his arm can make 4 others go spinning.

12. He has a bullet proof jacket and bullets waali belt. Not that he needs them. Just adds to the feel.

13. Rumour has it that he was approached to play the lead in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

14. He knows Karate like the BACK of his hand.

15. And he uses the FRONT to deflect bullets.

16. Choke, punch, punch, punch, lock, flip, punch punch, punch. Nobody else can do it under 5 seconds.

17. He can turn a volleyball into a cannonball.

18. He can even catch and hurl grenades with his eyes closed.

19. His punches generate 1000W of electricty.

20. His acrobatic skills are unparalleled.

21. His roars can make tigers shit bricks.

22. He has a terrific sense of his surroundings. He knows what’s kept where.

23. He can even bring the dead leaves to life.

Koi pattha bhi nahi hilta bina Rajini ke pair hilaaye.

24. Swag iska desi!

25. He likes to make an entrance. And how!

Don’t we all just love this man?