Angrez chale gaye, Angrezi chhor gaye. Chalo, modify karein!

We all know how English has evolved as a language and become the unofficial way to communicate for almost the entire world.  

But no one loves English as much as we Indians do. 

For some reason, we consider it the ultimate form of sophistication and  education. And over the years, after making many grammatical and verbal mistakes, we’ve given the language our own, unique spin. 

Indian English is funny and far, far removed from the origin language it so badly wants to be. But then, we, Indians, don’t really care about originality and are happy to speak it in full desi swag! 

Don’t believe me? Let stand-up comic Rajneesh Kapoor tell you just how we’ve collectively massacred an entire language, giving it a hilarious spin, just to suit our own style. 

Keep some tissues handy as you’ll be shedding tears of joy while laughing your butts off!

Watch it here: 

Oh ho ho ho ho, Rajneesh, cha gaye!