Ladies and gentlemen; friends and countrymen, lend me your ears. The day we were waiting for, might finally see the light of day.

After championing the self proclaimed swadeshi movement, Baba Ramdev’s franchise Patanjali has now asked for legalization of marijuana in the country.

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In an interview given to Quartz, company’s chief executive officer Balkrishna said:

“In ayurveda, since ancient times, parts of cannabis [hemp], for instance, have been used for medicinal purposes. So, we are looking at various formulations. We should ponder over the benefits and positive uses of the cannabis plant.”


We have been saying this for years, right? But it was always met with dismissal, or silent approval, if at all. But now that one of India’s richest CEOs is making a point, it might be taken seriously. 

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However, before you get all jazzed up, please note that the company aims to eliminate all the “harmful or intoxicating properties” before it can be used (Bad trip, bad trip, every time).

Patanjali is known for its economical and organic products, so it makes total sense for them to come up with a product made from an ‘organic drug’, right? 

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But what will it be named? Well, Twitter has the answer. And some appreciation for the Acharya.

Weed cookies, anyone?