There are a gazillion memories that are associated with the word ‘school’. Whether it was meeting our friends during recess or packing our bags according to our timetables, there’s no doubt that school time was really awesome.

From mathematics and physical training to arts, everyone had certain subjects that they loved and some they dreaded. So, we decided to rank these school subjects.

#15 Music Class (Especially Instrumental)

How can we start our list without mentioning the music period? We loved banging bongo drums and playing the piano during this period. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

#14 Art & Craft 

Now let’s be honest, we have all drawn the iconic scenery with mountains and a river at least once during our art period. Also, did you ever do the satisfying glue peel during craft periods? Those were the days. 


#13 Computers 

It was all sunshine and rainbows when we used to play Freecell on our school computers. However, things started getting tougher once we grew up. We still enjoyed our time sitting in an air-conditioned room for a period, didn’t we? 


#12 General Knowledge 

Equal parts fun and educating, GK was undoubtedly one of the easy subjects.  

#11 Physical Education 

Again, PE was fun and easy. All you had to do was pick a sport you enjoy (or pick a spot to sit and watch). Remember your PE teacher with a whistle around their neck? Ah, sweet memories. 

Young India

#10 Sanskrit 

Pathti Pathta Pathanti. Ringing any bells? We all used to cram everything before giving an exam for this subject. However, there’s no denying the fact that this subject was scoring as hell. 


#9 English 

Remember when we had The Hound Of The Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle in our school syllabus? Who knew our love for Sherlock Holmes (mainly Benedict Cumberbatch) would grow to this extent? Well, this was fairly an easy subject. 

#8 Hindi 

Did you always put ‘choti ee’ and ‘badi ee’ ki maatras wrong? Welcome to the club! From vyakaran to vyakhyas, it was quite difficult to understand and write this language. 

#7 Civics 

From learning about the constitution to diversity, there is no doubt that this was a difficult subject. Although we learned our basics of politics from this subject, politics works a lot differently in reality.  

Study Vikalp

#6 Physics 

Even though it was fascinating, this subject was really difficult. You couldn’t cram, you only had one option: understand the friggin’ subject.  

#5 Geography 

How difficult could learning about the environment and forests be? EXTREMELY, as it turns out. From solar system and longitudes to different climates, we had to make web charts and diagrams to understand everything about this subject.  

#4 Biology 

Do we even need to explain this one? The only easy thing about this subject was to visit the biology lab and prepare a slide for the microscopic study of stomata.  

#3 History 

From revolution and socialism to colonialism, we are still waiting to use everything we learned in this subject in real life. It was not only a difficult subject but was also very difficult to cram. 

#2 Chemistry 

Do you remember revising chemical formulas just a day before your exams? This subject was an extremely tough one. 

#1 Mathematics 

This subject still gives me nightmares! Remember how we used to buy those thick books (looking at you, RD Sharma)? THE. MOST. DIFFICULT. SUBJECT. EVER. 


Which was your favourite subject in school? Let us know in the comments.