The world is brimming with WTF moments that keep occurring every now and then. Today’s major chunk comes from one of the most popular podcasts in India, BeerBiceps by Ranveer Allahbadia.

In a recent podcast featuring historian Mohsin Raza Khan, the duo talked about the history of religions. Everything was great until the podcast showed a picture of a swan as the visual representation of a nomadic group of people from Central Asia. A Twitter user by the handle @KyaSeKyaHoGya brought this to notice, and people are cracking up.

Spare me for the information overload coming up.

Basically, the historian was talking about White Huns, The Hephthalites, a nomadic group of people hailing from Central Asia. He claimed the Huns were called Scythians in the West and Shakya in India. However, the Hunnic people were not Scythians. Rather, the two were distinct ethnic groups of their own. Also, Indo-Scythians are called Sakas, and not Shakyas. Scholar Bryan Levman notes the latter was a population native to the north-east Gangetic plain who were unrelated to the Iranic Sakas. Therefore, note that Gautam Buddha was known as the sage of the Shakyas, not the Sakas.

Apart from the alleged misinformation, what made the podcast hilarious was its depiction of the Huns, which has got Twitter in splits.

If this ain’t real WTAF, then what is?