Now that you know where this is headed, Ranveer, allow us to ask this once and for all:

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who’s the oiliest of ’em all?

Why the fuck do you have a chest as oily as a baby bum smeared in Johnson’s baby oil?

Dude, we know you’ve got great pecs…

And it’s totally legit to flaunt ’em.

No wonder, girls go crazy over it.

But won’t it be fantastic if you could share your oily secrets with distressed Indians tormented by rising fuel prices?

To put things into perspective, here’s all times when Ranveer sweat oil from his chest:

During workout sessions…

And plumbing chores.

On magazine covers.

During love making scenes…

And action sequences.

While climbing a ladder…

And while getting down.

I mean the only time you could excuse a guy as oily, is this:

Okay jokes apart, we are not saying that Ranveer Singh is oily, we are just telling you that…

Sonaskhi Sinha once tried to put him in her Pao Bhaaji!

Deepika Padukone tried to put him in her car’s engine.

Kanye West made Ranveer his wallpaper.

And America almost invaded India for him.

Yes, exactly what you should be doing right now, Ranveer!

But how many fucks do you think Ranveer gives to all of this?

There! Oil or no oil, Ranveer is and always will be the superstar he was destined to be!