Every once in a while, the internet brings you something that makes you question whether it was just a mistake that ended up being funny or was it a result of hilarious self-aware genius. And from the dark depths of the YouTube world, we’ve found you one such channel called ‘Real Telangana‘ that seems a lot like a random regional news channel. But don’t let appearances deceive you. This may well be one of the bizarrely funniest Indian channels out there.

Here are some of the times when the ‘Real Telangana‘ videos blew us away with just how committed they were to going full retard.

P.s. The words in the following artwork (what you guys call memes) are direct quotes from ‘Real Telangana’ videos in their exquisitely authentic Hyderabadi Hindi.


1. When they brought this Dhoom-level-badass 76-year-old female martial artist to our attention.


2. And expressed their vast wonder at her agility.


3. When they exclaimed with palpable wonder at a man’s love for eggs.


4. And when they made a hypothesis about that man which was so WTF that the reporter lost all sense of sentence structure by the end.


5. When they reported a peck on the CM’s cheek like it was the coolest thing you’ll hear all week.


6. And wrapped up the Girja-kisses-CM controversy with a little known but most pertinent adage.


7. When state minister Ashok Chaudhary called Smriti Irani ‘dear’ and it outraged her, and Real Telangana came to his defense.


8. When they had a less than enthusiastic outlook on the discovery that electricity can be generated from tomatoes gone bad.


And there’s plenty more where that came from. Check out their other videos right here. Seriously, you’re missing out.