A few days ago, I saw this meme on the internet and my perception about my relationship status changed totally.

Is this the problem? At this point I am really thinking that it is.

All those times when I thought I wasn't enough, all those times when I put the entire blame of the relationship breaking, on the guy.

I was wrong.

sad gif
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I couldn't find anyone to marry because in school, when my friends said 'bolo pencil', I said 'pencil' and meri shaadi cancel ho gayi, guys.

Alia Bhatt crying
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And now I don't know how to undo it, how to revoke this jinx. Do I have to make some say 'bolo eraser'? And then answer it?

The point to which I have jinxed my love life, I think even ink eraser will not be enough to do the task. 

Ink eraser
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Whoever made me say that, well ab meri shaadi nahin ho rahi. Are you happy now?