One of the sweetest sharks of Shark Tank India, Namita Thapar, has also become meme material. Though her reasons to say no to a particular pitch are genuine, they still manage to bring out a laugh in the audience. So, for that reason, I’m compiling a list of reasons Namita Thapar gave for ‘main out hoon’.

1. Kyuki iss industry se main relate nahi kar paa rahi hoon, main out hoon.

2. Ye sunscreen mujhe bahot jyada sticky laga…toh for that reason I’m out. 

3. Umeed aur sales ka faasla bahot lamba hota hai, toh iski wajah se main out hoon.


4. Mai aise business me invest karti hoon where I can relate to the product. Isme mujhe personal level pe itna excitement nahi hai, so I’m out.

5. Issey main jyada relate nahi kar paa rahi hoon aur mera expertise isme nahi hai so for that reason I’m out.

6. Scalability me mujhe mushkil lag raha hai, brand building me mujhe mushkil lag raha hai, so for that reason I’m out.

7. Genuinely, mujhe theek se samajh nahi aa rahi hai technology aur mujhe nahi lagta hai main aapko really help kar paungi uski wajah se I’m out.


8. Ye business me main jyada aapki help nahi kar paungi, so for that reason I’m out.

9. Aapki baaton se main convinced nahi hoon, so I’m sorry I’m out.

10. Ye product se mai relate nahi kar paati hoon at a personal level, for that reason I’m out but I wish you the very best.

This is the same pitch that gave us Ashneer’s iconic “hamare ko makkhan lagane se kuch nahi hone wala” meme material. And no, we are not repeating the same points again and again. This is the reason Namita gives most of the time for saying no to a pitch.

 But hey! At least she wishes them all the best. That’s really sweet, right?

Toh mere paas ab pointers khattam ho gaye hain for the article, so for that reason, I’m out. 

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