Of all the subjects that made school a harder place, physics was the worst (at least for me). I mean sure, science can be fun, but not when it leaves your brain in a perpetual fog! 


Physics did just that, the subject scrambled the brain, at least in the beginning. So, thank god for those tuition classes, because where would we be without them?

1. Physics class was extremely abstract, and often it was too complex to get our heads around.

2. From surviving the experiments and formulae to acing the calculations, and concepts, it was a task!

You really had to juggle multiple things at once.

3. The fact is that you had to be brilliant at math to be near average in 10th-grade physics. 

It was such a new subject, it legit felt like someone dumped a ton of bricks on our heads. 

4. And let’s be honest, the refraction of light part of the syllabus seemed like it was a piece of cake, but turned out to be a real nightmare!

5. Also, the books were so drab looking and the questions made your mind explode.

Not only were the diagrams boring AF, but the questions also looked like they were written in another language altogether. 


6. One other thing to think about is how much of what we learnt went on to be practically useful in regular life.

I mean how many of us use concave and convex mirror applications or rocket propulsion in our adult lives?


7. The subject was literally an evil spawn of biology and chemistry. 

It combined the worst parts of both these subjects. Biology’s complex diagrams, and chemistry’s obnoxious formulae. 

8. Physics literally squeezed the fun and magic out of everything. 

I mean something as beautiful as astronomy can be turned into a soggy and displeasing subject to study just because it involves physics. 

9. There is no way you could avert your eyes for even a second in class.

Admit it, even picking up that eraser you knocked off your table cost you. If you missed 5 seconds of what the teacher had said, you’d have to spend 10 minutes catching up.

Good riddance!