Reddit discovered this cook book and cannot get over this recipe of ‘Indian’ curry, subtitled as ‘national dish of India’.


Yes, we are just as confused as you.

The subreddit called “r/india”, also self-styled as “the official subreddit of India”, found this book called Famous Foreign National Dishes. With that name, one redditor described the recipe as, “typical white ignorance of anything exotic“.

Apparently, India has a “national dish” called “Indian curry” and none of us knew about it. Also, the curry dish has one small apple. Has anyone eaten this?

The addition of an apple in a curry recipe left people very confused, theorizing that perhaps the author confused tomatoes with apples.

This is giving the same energy as white people loving “chai tea latte”, which translates as…tea tea latte. Wow, so exotic! Perhaps the same crowd that sees India and other Asian countries as this:

Not everything about India is exotic!

One of the redditors commented, “This looks a lot like Japanese curry which was inspired by the modified British version of curry that was used to feed its army. Curry as an outsider dish lessened differences within the British army so the soldiers from different parts of the country would not feel left out if the food catered to a specific region and didn’t feature their regional food.”

Some were even intrigued by the descriptions and gave the recipe the benefit of the doubt.

On that note, no, it’s not Namaslay.

Indian Meme Template

Colonized, exoticized or simply mislead- this recipe has confused and intrigued Desi redditors.