Dick pics are weird. I think we can all agree on that, regardless of gender. Even if you are sending them with consent, they are still very fucking weird, man. And if you are sending them without consent, you should be behind bars. Nobody wants to see your little junk. 


That being said, Vice India did a little survey asking people why they send dick pics? And quite honestly, we would like to know. Cos that shit doesn’t make any sense. 

According to the survey, some people thought it would be a gateway to a sexual conversation. 


One GIF ain’t enough for that statement. 


That being said, there are communities on the internet, where you can share dick pics and even get comments on them; suggestions to take better pics. You can get ratings too for your penis. 

And a lot of people are doing it too. Some post these images to get feedback from men women, gay or straight, and feel better about their peckers, while some others are just hoping to get noticed enough to get into porn. 


This is better, I guess. If you have to send dick pics, might as well do it here. As long as people who didn’t specifically ask for pictures of your dick don’t get to see it.