Do you know who I am? Well, I am not too sure about that, but what I am pretty sure about is that you’re about to love these hilarious replies to this fateful question. Redditors are super creative when it comes to helping people do mic-drops after mic-drops. Here are some of the craziest responses you should give next time if someone’s being an arrogant prick.

1. “No, who do you think you are??”


2. “I bet you use that line a lot.”


3. “Did you forget?”


4. “Yep. And I don’t care what everyone else says about you – I think you’re a pretty cool guy.”


5. “Hey Brian, I’ve got a guy here who doesn’t know who he is! Do you know who he might be?”


6. “Yes, and I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”


7. “‘I have heard the rumours’ whilst pulling a disgusted face at them.”


8. “‘I don’t think – WAIT A MINUTE! Jeff! From school! I haven’t seen you since you pissed yourself onstage at graduation, how the hell have you been???’ Say it juuuust loud enough for the people around you to hear.”


9. “When I worked in security I said, ‘Respectfully, I’m paid not to care.’ Or if I was in no mood, ‘If you were important, I’m sure I would.'”


10. “My friend’s father-in-law was a police officer in his younger days. He stopped a young girl who was speeding and driving erratically. When he told her what he stopped her for, she asked him, “Do you know who my father is?” He replied, ‘if you ask your mother I’m sure she could tell you.'”


11. “The muffin man?”


12. “An asshole?”


13. “Should I?”


14. “Oh no! Did you lose your caretaker?! It’s gonna be alright! We’ll get you back to the home, they’ll make pudding, and help you remember your own name. It’s gonna be ok.”


15. “It’s funny how people who actually matter never have to ask that question.”


16. “You are the one who killed my father. i have sworn my life to exact revenge upon you, and the moment has finally come.”


17. “‘Nope’ then walk away.”


What would you say?