From sex toys and love letters to condoms, there are a number of things that your parents should never find in your possession, even if you are an adult. Redditors reveal the exact moment when their parents found condoms in their possession and trust us, some of these are pretty hilarious.

Are you ready? Let’s see what people had to say!

1. “My mom discovered a bag of basically everything I didn’t want her to see. She was coming over to my apartment. So, I filled up a bag of everything I wanted out of her sight and put it in the trunk of my car. Over the weekend, I went home and the bag was still in my car. While I was asleep, my mom went out for grocery shopping in my car and found the bag. Dildo, toys and a variety pack of condoms, and a lot of them. I obviously told her that it wasn’t mine. However, she kept giving me the silent treatment. She actually drove me to a dumpster and had me dump everything.”

2. “When I was 17 and had the same girlfriend for 2 years, my mom found the condoms when she was cleaning around my bed. She asked me to call my girlfriend’s mafia dad and tell him that I’m banging his daughter. However, he already knew. They were okay with me staying the night at their house, but to have to say those words out loud to a man about his daughter… it’s like my parents wanted my ass beaten. I refused and lied my way out of that situation. I was stubborn but I stand by doing the right thing after being confronted.”

3. “My parents pretty much raided the room that I share with my brother and they found a stapled bag with empty boxes of condoms, including some used condoms as well. My parents thought that I’m selling condoms, but I used them to masturbate myself with.”

4. “My boyfriend forgot to take out the trash and his mom saw it. I know she was upset that we were having sex but more upset that we had sex in their house.”

5. “When my parents found my condoms, they told my entire family, including my eight younger siblings. They literally kicked me out and locked the doors. I don’t play around. It was with a serious boyfriend who I love and care about. The best part is that my parents were “high school sweethearts” and they did the same exact thing at my age. When I brought that up, they disregarded it and said it was beside the point and didn’t matter.”

6. “Back then, I used to sneak my ex-girlfriend into my room whenever my parents weren’t around. Later, my mom found a box of condoms in my room and confronted me about it. I told her that I masturbated with it. She just said ‘ish’ and that was that.”

7. “One day, I got home from work around 1. Naturally, my parents were fast asleep. When I came into my room, I found all my stuff on the floor and my condoms sitting on my bed with a note saying, “Condoms in my house? Go to bed now. But, we’re going to church tomorrow”. The most embarrassing thing was that I just used the condoms to jack off and I was not even sexually active.”

8. “I don’t have my own car, so I share my dad’s car and I take it out often. One night, I was with a girl but I had nowhere to go, so we had to fuck in the car. After the deed, I threw my used condom outside the car and thought I had cleaned up. I drove home, kept the car in the driveway and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and my dad had put a steering wheel lock on his car. I confronted him about it and he said that he found a condom wrapper in the backseat of his car. I felt so embarrassed.”

9. “In my household, sex is something that they only expect from two people after marriage. One day, I was unwell and I told my mom that my medicines are in my purse. When she was looking for my medicines in my purse, she found my condoms. Although she knew that I had a long-distance boyfriend, she asked me why is this in my purse and why do I need it. I told her honestly that I am supposed to use this rather than not use it at all. All I hoped was that she wouldn’t separate me and my boyfriend. And also that she doesn’t tell my dad, who is emotionally abusive to me. I was genuinely scared for my life, tbh.”

10. “Before my girlfriend and I broke up, I used to put my used condoms in a ziplock bag in order to throw away after the sex. Anyway, I left the bag under my dresser for about three months and forgot about it. I spent 3 nights at my friend’s house on a weekend. When I returned back to my home, I saw the bag, sitting neatly on top of folded clothes in my now-cleaned room. It was crazy because my parents never clean my room for me. My dad found my used condoms and needless to say, he was very pissed at me. He always gave me the talk about not having sex because it’s not safe. So yeah, that’s the story of how my dad and I didn’t talk to each other for the next 3 months.”

Now you know where you should not keep your condoms!