Who doesn’t like compliments? We may be awkward while receiving them. But, it’s always good to hear somebody dedicating two sentences to our appreciation. Even two words go a long way in handling the self-doubt we perpetually inflict upon ourselves.  

That smirk of pride on our way back home makes our day. “Yes, we may be worthwhile after all.”  

However, not all compliments are good. Some compliments are really weird, and it takes a while to process what the person is getting at. Redditors are discussing some of those absolutely bizarre compliments they have received. But are these sentences compliments at all?

1. “Was told I have a beautiful brain while doing a paid MRI study.”


2. “Your oral cavity is wonderful to work with! So spacious! – my dentist”


3. “‘You have a cool left ear.’ All I could think was ‘well, wtf is wrong with the right one?’ Lol”


4. “You are surprisingly nimble for a fat guy.”


5. “After handing back a police report I filled out describing the events of a man jumping off an overpass aiming for my car in a presumed suicide attempt. ‘This is really good! Have you done this before?'”


6. “‘You smell like a rainbow just out of the dryer!’ It was told to me by a second grade student several years ago.”


7. “Optometrist told me my eyes were physically perfectly healthy and they’d make perfect specimens.”


8. “‘You’re not beautiful but you’re photogenic.’ Oh thanks I guess…” 


9. “A coworker complimented me on a haircut once. She said, ‘your hair looks great, it makes it look like you shower!’  Weird compliment considering I get the same haircut once a month and I shower at least once a day.”


10. “‘You ate that apple very neatly.’ Guess I have nice teeth??”


11. “Told a workmate I was diagnosed with gout. His response: ‘The genius disease! That’s the disease all the great geniuses get! Makes sense you have it.’ As far as I know, there’s no connection between genius and gout – Benjamin Franklin had it but… I don’t think that means anything. But it was a great thing to hear when I was feeling low and self pitying.”


12. “Your handwriting is very satisfying.”


13. “Me being a generally quiet person, random lady “Quiet guys have the biggest dicks.”


14. “I got told I had a nice looking bladder a few months ago during an ultrasound so that was a 1st 🤷🏽‍♀️”


15. “6th grade – ‘you have perfect lips for the Trumpet’ from the band teacher. Uh thanks?”


16. “‘I love your cheekbones, they look like an elf’s.’ So oddly specific, I didn’t even know elves were famous for their cheekbones or being called an elf was a good thing.”


17. “A osteopath literally gasping softly when he examined my spine, and when I asked what was wrong, he said, ‘No, no, I’m sorry. Nothing’s wrong – you just have an absolutely exquisite spine.’ …Awwww, shucks.”


18. “Someone once told me that he liked my socks. It was 11 at night and I was walking alone. I had crocs on with no socks. I now realize he was probably just drunk out of his mind.”


19. “I think you are gonna be a meme one day.”


20. “I’d date you, I don’t go for good looking guys anymore.”


21. “‘Ma’am your veins are every blind nurse wish.’ By a nurse at blood donation event.”


22. “I have a perennial baby face and am a pretty quiet/shy individual but have a deep voice. Someone in one of my classes held the door so I said thanks. The girl holding the door did a double take and shouted ‘WAIT THATS WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE???’ And honestly that’ll stick with me for the rest of my life.”


23. “If anyone ever murders me, I hope it’s you.”


What’s the most bizarre compliment hurled at you?