This article is based on a satirical Reddit thread. No offense intended.  

We all have heard Anup Soni say, “Savdhan Rahe, Satark Rahe.” Savdhan India freaked us out. The show made us feel as if we were going to be the next victims of some major criminal event. Now, I am not suggesting that you’re about to be kidnapped or anything. But, it would be interesting to think about it.  

Have you ever wondered if you get kidnapped, what would you say to your kidnapper? You are not blindfolded. You are just sitting with your abductor in a moving vehicle. What would be the first thing you’ll say? Is it too much to think about? Well, this thread on Reddit has got some really interesting answers to this really out-of-the-box question. 

1. “My insecure ass would be like, “what made you choose me? How did I catch your attention? You’re making me feel pretty special.”


2. “So, you do this often? “


3. “Thanks for the lift bro I wanted to leave home! Can we stop at subway real quick though?”


4. “Thank you. It has been a long time since I felt that I was wanted by someone.”


5. “The serious answer would be to tell them about yourself. Experts agree that you need to humanize yourself to improve your chances of survival. (though, someone who kidnaps you, doesn’t care if you see them. It doesn’t bode well for survival)”


6. “Can I drive?”


7. “Are we there yet?”


8. “Can you pass the AUX cord?”


9. “Are we in Stockholm? Cuz I’m getting that syndrome.”


10. “Now that I have your undivided attention, I’d like to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty.”


11. “So am I your first?”


12. “Oh, fun road trip! I mean, what are the odds, two serial killers in one car?”


13. “I got the Covid.”


14. “Well, this is awkward. I was going to kidnap you later today.”


15. “You know I’m worth negative money, right? Like, if you want to give me back, you’re gonna have to pay a ransom.”


16. “I get motion sickness on long car rides.”


17. “Listen, I know the signs say the speed limit is 45, but believe me, 70 is the new 45. Why don’t we drive at 70 and see what happens?”


So, what would you say?