No one understands what it's like to be poor until they've experienced it first hand, otherwise they often end up misunderstanding the disadvantaged. 

Every second financially stable individual tries to solve their misery. Sadly, giving financial knowledge when all they need is money won't pay their bills. 

We came across a Reddit thread where people share the harsh truths about being poor and nothing hits harder. 

1. Giving financial tips ain't as easy as you think. 

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2. Financial health is the best form of therapy. 

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3. Can someone explain where my billions at? 

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4. The class that's more important than anything. 

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5. Sometimes a roof above our head is all we need. 

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6. Sadly your gyaan will not feed them. 

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7. And also provide the peace of mind without spending a single buck.  

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8. A financial pro since childhood. 

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9. You say a Europe trip once in a year won't buy me happiness?

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10. It's difficult to manage but some have made peace with it. 

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11. The budget does not allow. 

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12. Only if Santa could pay the house rent. 

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13. Been there, done that. 

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14. It's a vicious circle. 

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15. Breaking News! Milennials are also broke. 

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16. Nothing hits harder. 

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17. And you ask why poor people are bad at saving money?

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