Government: “We should do something for the people on festivals…”

Employee: “Sir, we will give them surprises!”

Government: “Great idea, but with what? Gifts?”

Employee: “Arey nahi sir, randomly saare theke band karwa denge. Surprise dry days!”

Okay, I know it’s not exactly how the concept of dry days must’ve been coined but it certainly feels like the government loves trolling us with these surprise dry days. Days like Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day are famous for being dry days but all the other days just catch us clueless. 

And then there are the dry days on elections. We get the thinking behind this one. But now, what we’ve got is a weekend. With no booze.

I mean no offense to the sober states but on a holiday everyone wants to relax, unwind and pour their hearts out to their friends, which seems like an impossible task without the alcohol in your blood. After a long week, hard at work, with my editor always on my back, all I want to do on the weekend is unwind with a cold beer. And now, that dream will probably remain just that. A dream.

This is the time when you realize that you need to find a few alcohol enthusiasts in your life! The ones who always keep a collection at their house so that no day is a dry day! Even if not the pro-active ones, at least the ones who know about the dry day and inform you well in time so that you can go and buy the quota for the next day together, in advance.

Because let’s face it, the only thing worse than no alcohol is not enough alcohol. You might find some bottle lying around at your home and that is actually even more fucked up. Now, you have that taste of alcohol in your mouth but not enough of it to make you high!

So now that we have informed you at the right time, we hope you will make arrangements right now so that you don’t have to stay dry tomorrow. Or the day after! And we hope that you have some life altering conversations with yourself when you are one bottle down.

Happy weekend, you guys!

Design Credits: Puneet Gaur