Frank Sinatra once said, “The best revenge is massive success.” 

Well… While most of us will agree with that, there are some forms of revenge that are just out-of-this-world funny and creative. And these are the ones that are definitely worth having a look at. Especially if the person has gone out of his/her way to be extra creative, and some actually made sure that a lot of people see it.

Like this woman, with this priceless act.

Here are 20 more such instances of revenge that are sure to crack you up:

1.  Never cheat on a tattoo guy he’ll tell you he’s inking in a scene from Narnia, but he’s just shitting you.

2. Awkward family moment coming up… 

3. Apart from the spelling error, that ‘ashole’ just got a big burn!

4. This one got the spelling right!

5. Whatever that load was, you don’t want it on your teeth.

6. Not the homecoming you’d expect.

7. Playing with someone’s feelings is a game you deserve to lose.

8. This has to be the most creative sign ever. 

Don’t miss the fine print in the right bottom corner.

9. May the force be with her.

10. The guy made sure both him and his ex got an equal share of everything after their split.

11. That’s how you turn over a new page in life.

12. Some gifts, you never want to unwrap.

13. Never mess with elder siblings. They’ve been there, done that.

14. And mothers, they came before any of your siblings!

15. That’s a stadium full of potential mates Scott just lost out on. 

16.  She looks so board standing there. Well done, Walmart!

17. Some go for the car.

18. Some go out of control!

19. Revenge can be a bitch. Especially to dogs!

20. Poetic burn, this.

While some revenges are really called for, like the ones we just saw, there are other times when it’s nice to just sit back, relax and let karma make people kick their own ass.