Some fashion designs are on fleek and some are just epic disasters. This article is all about the second bit. 

These fashion/design fails listed below are just too hard to ignore. Take a look. 

1. Valuable advice that no one asked for.

2. I am confused. Where’s the rest of it?

3. Literally ‘hanging out’ of the pocket.

4. Buy me a shit? Shot? I don’t even know anymore. 

5. That’s inappropriate on so many levels…

6. Thanks for the information!

7. Okay, then. I’m speechless. 

8. Whoever came up with this design, are you okay?

9. What was the designer even thinking?

10. This is a total disaster!

11. Was this Balenciaga dress made to suffocate one’s self?

12. Oh God! Who approved this design?

13. Super shitters? Is that for real?

14. I’ll just let you figure this one out. When you see it…

15. This is why men should not be allowed to design women’s sports uniforms.

16. No words…

17. Too much information to process…

18. Huh? What’s that zip for?

19. Just too much going on here.

20. Looks like someone threw food on their jersey.