We’ve all wondered what it’d be like to suddenly come into ungodly amounts of money, but what if you had that kind of money for an extended period of time? Sooner or later, you’d run out of cool shit like islands and yachts to buy, and you’d end up spending your money on stuff that’s not exactly as… sensible? Well in case that does happen, here’s a few things you could spend your stupid money on. 

Check it!

1. Diamond Teabag – $14,000

This was made by a British (of course) company called Boodles jewellers. It was hand-crafted using 280 diamonds and I have a suspicious feeling it won’t be getting put to use any time soon.


2. Gold Toilet Paper – $1,376,900

A website called Toilet Paper Man sells these ultra soft rolls of toilet paper for the rich and stupid. Also, it’s delivered along with a bottle of champagne, so you can wipe your ass in style. The butt shower’s still bae though.


3. Stuart Hughes Gold iPhone 5 – $15.3 Million

UK based designer Stuart Hughes crafted an iPhone worth almost $16 million dollars a few years ago, at the behest of a Chinese businessman. It’s coated in solid gold and features both black and white diamonds.


4. Luxury Ice Cubes – $325

A company called Gläce Luxury Ice Co. from California hand carve and sell perfectly square cubes of ice for a price that’ll make your brain freeze up too. These cubes apparently provide ‘minimum dilution and maximum cooling’.


5. Gold Cycle – $500,000

You’ll need an industrial strength bike lock for this piece. A company called Goldgenie manufactures these racing bikes which are covered in a layer of 24-karat gold baby. 


6. Gold and Diamond Game Boy – $25,000

It’d be a nice trip down memory lane getting your hands on a Game Boy, sure. Not if it costs that much and is covered with 18K gold and diamonds.


7. Gold Dildo – $15,000

This 24-karat gold plated pleasure imparter is dedicated to ‘those who understand that you can’t put a price on pleasure.’ In fact, it’s even got eight different pleasure settings, so you can comfort yourself after shelling out all that moolah. Guess who has one – Beyonce!


8. Gold Shirt – $213,000

You may remember a certain Maharashtra business-politician gifting himself a gaudy gold shirt for his birthday. Well his name is Pankaj Tripathi and yes, it’s made entirely of gold and yes, it’s pretty freakin’ ugly.


9. Guinea Pig Armor – $24,300

When the vanguard’s been obliterated, you’re forced to send in your secret weapon – guinea pigs. But these berzerkers need armour too, even though it’s pretty damn expensive.


10. Diamond Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

These uber-luxurious canine items are encrusted with 1000s of diamonds and sapphires, including a 52 carat diamond. It’s extremely expensive and pretty fuckin’ pointless, considering your dog can’t tell the difference.


Rich folks, amirite?!