For a long time now, we have seen that utility has not been the top priority for designers around the world. However, what is fascinating to me is the fact that they don’t flinch once before selling these things for lakhs. 

So, we combined the two for this list. Here are fashion items that are super expensive but also quite pointless. 

1. Chopard 201-carat watch – ₹100 crores.

This thing is one of the most expensive items in the world and costs more than ₹100 crores. However, good luck trying to see time on it. The watch is adorned with jewels, hiding a vial between them that reveals itself if you press something on something. The problem is, that the vial is TINY. Which is also fine I guess, when you’re sober. But what happens when one is not? A drunk me can barely tell the time when the phone is screaming it to me in the biggest font.

2. Jacquemus’ mini bags – ₹60,000

Just the fact that these things exist is strange to me. To add to that, they cost ₹60,000. What exactly is one supposed to fit in them? And leave utility, they don’t even work as an accessory – because, well, they are hardly visible. People still buy these bags, though most of them regret it I think. Like Mimosa Mami here.

3. Upside down sunglasses by Gucci – ₹55,672.

Okay, I guess one can wear these and they will provide protection from the sun. But you know what else one can wear? Normal sunglasses that don’t make you look strange and actually fit your face. They cost ₹55,672.

4. Moschino plastic dry-cleaning bag dress – ₹53,914.

Don’t put too much brain into it. They are very literal about this. It’s actually a dress made out of dry cleaning bags because the brand wanted to create awareness about upcycling. Without the slip, this “dress” costs ₹53,914, and I just want to know who is going to spend that amount of money to buy a transparent piece of clothing, made out of plastic?! If I am so passionate about baring it all, I’ll just wear one of the plastic bags in the house?


5. Jil Sander’s paper bag – ₹21,000.

Paper bags are not useless, paper bags for ₹21,000 are. Made by Jil Sander, a minimalist designer, these are literally the paper bags you get your eggs and dairy in. Except these have a coated paper and are stitched, which seems pointless to me. Oh, also, they have a name – “The Vasari”. You know how crucial that is. Naming my bags has been real trouble lately. 

6. Supreme box logo brick – ₹73,000.

It is a fashion accessory, I checked. What you’re supposed to do with it, is not something my researching skills could answer. In what seems like a trick to troll people that has unsurprisingly worked, the brick was priced at ₹73,000.

7. Margiela distressed sneakers – ₹1 lakh.

They definitely are causing a lot of distress to me, yes. The audacity, right? These sneakers look like they came under a bus and were dragged for 10 kilometers before the driver noticed. They cost upwards of ₹1 lakh and I don’t know what to do about it. 

8. Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2021 airplane bag – ₹28 lakhs.

This bag, shaped like an actual airplane can’t carry much. Nor is it particularly striking if you ask me, though that is subjective. This bag that looks like a child’s toy costs ₹28 lakhs. 

Having said that, I do want some of these items. Is that strange?