Sanity. Rationality. Ability to differentiate between expensive and freaking ridiculous. Somethings, money can’t buy. For everything else, there are a lot of payment options.

Go through this list of ridiculously priced things, and realize that affordability, is just a state of mind.

1. Graphics Card: Rs. 3,84,900

On the bright side, life’s a game. So why not spend your life’s earning playing games. Right?

2. Part 2 of a Physical Chemistry Book: Rs.7,09,518

I’d like to re-iterate, it’s not even a complete book. It’s a part 2! It’s like a sequel, so it’ll probably suck.

And here’s a user review for the book.

3. Plastic Vase: Rs.35,975

Please note: Made of plastic. Gold in color.

4. Psychology eBook: Rs.9,89,957

Once again. It’s an eBook.

And here’s a closer look at the size of the file. Almost 10,000 bucks an MB. I know. 🙂

5. Mobile Speaker: Rs.2,44,000

That’s right. You can connect these to your mobile phone, or your iPod; not your wallet though.

6. Pressure Cooker: Rs.18,500

This is what every child dreams of – to grow up and buy a pressure cooker on EMI.

7. Dustbin: Rs.13,800

For trash, that’s just too valuable.

8. Helmet: Rs.15,000

I just sold my bike for Rs.12,000 you know.

9. Binoculars: Rs. 1,27,001

For short sighted, but really rich people.

10. 128 GB Pen drive: Rs.33,799

Of course. Because hard disks are too big.

11. Tube light: Rs.8,810

What’s this, the sun?

12. Pencil Sharpener: Rs.26,402

My personal favourite. Sharp pencils and a sharper pain in the chest.

13. Mattress: Rs.1,20,000

Neend kahan aayegi ye khareedne ke baad?

14. Wedge Pillow: Rs.32,299

It’s really soft. Footpath par sona hai toh aaram toh dekhna padega .

15. Double Bedsheet: Rs.29,999

My house rent is cheaper.

16. Headphones: Rs.1,00,000

Yeh sunne se pehle mere kaan kyun nahi phat gaye!

17. Ice cream spoon: Rs.8,431

That’s why I always pick an extra spoon whenever I go to Baskin Robbins.

18. Knives set: Rs.92,930

Now you know why food is so expensive at those restaurants.

19. Soap bar: Rs.9,999

Will it wash off my sins?

20. Door mat: Rs.10,296

So, this girl called me a doormat once. Now I know, it was a compliment.


Paisa toh moh maya hai . Take pleasure in the little joys of life, like making fun of the things you can’t afford.