1. Shetty’s Law Of F*** You Newton

Shetty’s Law Of F*** You Newton states that in Shettyverse, Newton’s Laws have no place or relevance. This is how 4 guys can pop out of the water like they were jumping on trampolines and kick a beach ball to each other with perfect precision.

2. The Ajay Devgan Split Principle

The Ajay Devgan epic split principle posits that in every Rohit Shetty movie, Ajay Devgan must perform a Van Damme epic split on different types of vehicles. He’s done it on a pair of bikes, on a pair of Hummers and soon in Golmaal 4, he just might use a pair of private jets.

3. Shetty’s Theory Of Logical Relativity

Shetty’s Theory Of Logical Relativity states that in Shettyverse, logic is subjective and is applied sparingly, if ever. So, bikes run by themselves, but only if Ajay Devgan is sleeping on them.

4. The Golmaal Function

The Golmaal Function is the mathematical term which is used to describe the trajectory at which heroes in Rohit Shetty movies fly in different directions in order to impress women. The function is highest for main actors and lower for sideys like Tushar Kapoor.

5. Shetty’s Hot Wheels Principle

Shetty’s Hot Wheels Principle involves the complete disregard for cinematic common sense and an excessive fondness for Hot Wheels like stunts. For example, a car can keep spinning on its own axis for 5 minutes before it flies across the road and explodes.

6. Shetty’s Equation Of WTF Just Happened?

The equation involves creating a situation in which an action scene in the movie prompts the audience to incredulously say, “WTF Just Happened?” Like here, where Ajay Devgan pops out of a car going a 100 KM an hour.

7. The Singham Effect

The Singham Effect is the natural phenomenon of all main characters in Rohit Shetty movies having excessively macho characteristics and being able to manipulate the laws of time and space at whim. For example, Singham can pull out a goon from a cart-wheeling Scorpio.

8. Shetty’s Rule Of LoL, I’m A Hero

This rule holds that any protagonist in any Rohit Shetty movie can never, ever, lose. Ever. He can also flip 2 tonne jeeps with a small knife to their tyres.

9. Shetty’s Theory Of Selective Gravity

Shetty’s Theory Of Selective Gravity states that gravity is operated through a switch and can be turned on and off according to the director’s convenience. It helps shoot scenes such as these, where the hero is flipping a car like a Parle G biscuit in order to give a rose to his girl.

10. The Tushar Kapoor Paradox

The Tushar Kapoor paradox is a mysterious phenomenon in the Shettyverse where a talentless oaf like Tushar Kapoor finds work in multiple movies, that turn out to be super-hits.