Let’s be honest, we all have heard (and were even a part of it, at times) numerous rumors in our school that went on and became quite famous. It was a secret that everyone already knew, but refused to believe.

In a thread, people revealed the well-known rumors in their school that turned out to be, in fact, true. Needless to mention, the responses are both, interesting and intense!

Below, we have picked the best comments from the lot, take a look.

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1. “That one of the students was actually a cop. Turns out he was a cop and busted one of the actual students for selling handguns in school. The cop was a 33-year-old male and was undercover for like half the semester.” AllThotsGo2Heaven2 

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2. “There was always the rumor that the head janitor was a huge pothead and would smoke with students in one of the storage sheds away from the main building. I always figured it was bullshit until my friend sent me a picture of him and the janitor smoking weed while surrounded by folding chairs.” apocalypticradish

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3. “In middle school, there was a rumor my 7th-8th grade teacher owned a pet donkey. Turned out to be true. The donkey’s name was Pedro The Donkey.” MasterAqua2

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4. “A guy suddenly one day went missing when we were in 9th or 10th standard. Nobody had the faintest idea where he went for a whole fucking week, rumors of all kinds. Even the police drew a blank. He returns a week later and calmly said he was disturbed due to low grades so had gone to Golden Temple for darshan.” –abeyaee

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5. “A dog gave birth in our school’s faculty room.”Otherwise-Slip-9086

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6. “One of our teachers won the game show Jeeto Chappar Phaad Ke. Received the grand prize – three tickets to a foreign location. He went abroad but never came back. The whole family (the teacher, her husband, and her kid) became illegal immigrants.” Kunal_Sen

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7. “A guy in 10th grade brought vodka to school and made his friends drink it by calling it sprite.” DryUpstairs3865

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8. “A guy fails math test in 9th grade. He decides to run away from home and tells this plan to his other friend. The other friend also wants to join in with his girlfriend as he was sure his family will never agree to them being together. So, all three take their parent’s credit cards and go to some town 500 km away. Their parents block the cards through the banks. These people call from a PCO telling them that they don’t have enough money to even come back. And, soon, they got back home. All this happened in less than 24 hours.” Anonymous

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9. “In my final year, six students broke into the school one night, stole all the computers. Hid them in one of the guy’s garages. The school freaks out and calls the cops. This is a pretty small town, so this was a big deal. Cops look everywhere, finally figuring out who it was. Meanwhile, the guy with the computers gets found out by his mom and she tries to protect him by throwing all the computers in the lake. Cops come, don’t see anything, everyone gets away with it. Two weeks later, the guys brag about getting away with it – school hears, and expels the whole group.” missmadime

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Now, these responses are quite wild!