Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Anyone who says otherwise is either living under a rock or has some vendetta against Reynolds, which is actually quite understandable. Despite being a Canadian, Reynolds is not a nice person. I’m sure, for all intents and purposes, he wholeheartedly agrees with the sentiment.

Coming back to the point, Reynolds is the infamous Merc with a mouth in real life. You don’t have to believe me, just pay attention to his any antics.

1. Both Reynolds and Deadpool have names that roll off your tongue.

Ryan Rodney Reynolds and Wade Winston Wilson. Co-incidence? We think not!

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2.  He has the best tips to get the Deadpool body!

3.  Do you know how he breathes in that gorgeous red suit?

Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

4. Remember that time, when he interviewed himself?

Talk about the 4th wall in real life. How the fuck does that even work?

5. You know who the sexiest man alive is, according to Ryan Reynolds?

It’s his wife, Blake Lively.

6. Oh, and the man has the best idea for a book on good parenting!

Why are we not surprised?


7.  And he has the best answers to his daughter’s innocent questions.

8. When he summed up what all new parents go through.

9. Long live the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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10. When he got real honest about how he felt about his wife after their daughter was born.

11. He loves chimichangas and he is very specific about it.

12. The man is a good father and is really appreciative of his daughter’s artistic abilities.

13. Oh, and the trip to Disneyland.

14. Wow! That is something Deadpool himself would approve of. 

15. And he had the best reply to the rumours about having marital problems.

Anyone who disagrees should not wear brown pants to work today.