Buying veggies and fruits in India is an event in itself. Every piece needs to be inspected multiple times and then of course, there’s bargaining involved. Oh and how can we forget free dhaniya-mirchi? 

Which is why we decided to pay a tribute of sorts to our awesome vegetable and fruit vendors who are basically swag personified. As proven by these pics. Take a look.

1. This lady, who inspired the cool emoji on WhatsApp.


2. This guy who has the fanciest chair in town.


3. This seller who probably accepts Bitcoin as well.

The Hindu

4. This guy, who’s the most patriotic vegetable seller in the world.


5. This guy who makes his own fruits.

6. This guy who doesn’t want to miss an update on Facebook.


7. This guy who doesn’t take shit from anybody.


8. Kids sell vegetables.


9. This guy, who became one with his vegetables.


10. This fruit seller who has the most hardworking intern ever.

11. These people who sell their stuff online. Quite literally. 


12. This guy who hired an organic seller for his organic veggies. 


13. This guy who found an alternative to a vegetable cart. 


 14. This guy who is already living in a digitized India.


While the rest of the world is living in 2017, we be living in 3017, people!