Vinod Kambli is celebrating his 46th birthday today and his old friend Sachin Tendulkar wished him with the most endearing tweet.

Now, while Kambli still hasn’t responded to the tweet, Sachin’s army of fans had their jokes and answers prepared. 

The thread which looks similar to any basic WhatsApp group with a lot of friends, there was a great deal of trolling in store for the birthday boy. 

But mostly everyone was appreciative of their friendship.

Special mention to this guy who is giving us goals for optimism and confidence.

Sachin and Kambli have shared a long friendship which has seen its own set of highs and lows. 

At one point, Kambli even said that Sachin did not stand by him during rough times. 

Sachin’s tweet is a reassurance that the bond is restored and we couldn’t be happier about it.