Sadhguru, who has his own life philosophies, has made some great claims in the past. These include: A lunar eclipse can turn food into poison, and other things like: Our bodies’ ‘software’ that turns a mango into woman if a woman eats it, a man if a man eats it and a cow if a cow eats it.

The man also came up with his own theory about lactation in human females a few years ago.

In a clip from 2017 that has resurfaced now, he can be heard saying that mothers of twins have different kinds of milk oozing from the two breasts because our bodies are intelligent that way.

As a person with breasts, I know a thing or two about them, and I can vouch this claim is untrue.

But Sadhguru has higher powers and who am I to challenge any word that comes out of his mouth? I leave that job to Twitter.

Damn, what if both babies developed taste for one flavour? Siblings fighting before they even know they are siblings.