Dear Sagittarius,

Don’t judge me for this, please. Happy birthday month.

1. Facepalming: Sagittarians’ default state.

2. Because, Sagittarians have foot-in-mouth syndrome.

3. Yes, they secretly love socialising, but they’ll never admit it.

4. Cold shoulder. They have a strong one they keep passing around.

5. Sagittarians can’t moral support.

6. Sagittarians be like, must sit in the corner and judge everyone.

7. When they’re secretly competitive. 

8. Yes. They love themselves. A lot.

9. If you get close enough to them, you could unlock their cray side.

10. Because they specialise in giving the silent treatment.

11. You’ll never know what a Sagittarius is really feeling.

12. No touchy-feely overt show of emotions in front of them, please.

13. They’re generous to the core and will help anyone in need.

14. Because, they love hard. Really hard.

15. “Thanks but no thanks for your advice. I’ll do what I planned.”

16. Because it’s physically impossible for them to say “no”.

17. They’ll be friends with anyone who understands their dry sense of humour.

18. You’re brutally honest, but you also like to be socially accepted.

You do you, you judgy weirdo, you.

Design credits: Lucky Mehndiratta