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We Indians are a pretty idle bunch of people. No, seriously, think about it. I mean, we can start an argument about literally anything. Whether it’s about someone’s food choices or about their taste in fashion, we have, so as to say, a strong opinion about everything. We are pretty vocal about it too. So while we are on the topic of things that matter and things that don’t, here’s a fun thing that happened recently.

YouTube celebrity, Sahil Khattar took an Ola share and talked to random strangers to figure out what are the really pressing issues for the Indian youth. In short, he wanted to know about the things jinse sabko #FarakPadtaHai.

Needless to say, this wasn’t just another cab ride. The real reason behind this move was to determine what are the things that really matter to the Indian youth. Whether it is homosexuality, food choices or ever-increasing traffic on city roads. 

Well, enough talking, I think it is time for you to watch the video and figure out about the things that really matter to you.