Salman Khan is known for a lot of things, both on-screen and off-screen… and a few of these things are actually respectable. For example, his work for charity proves that he is an emotional man… I mean, who else would give Zarine Khan or Sneha Ullal a shot in the industry?

Salman is a dynamic man, but he is human.

Sure, he can play an electric guitar without a wire…

Yes, he can burn his crotch with fabric and yet date supermodels…

But I’m sure that this towel dance has had something to do with him not being a father yet.

Since the very beginning, Salman has created visuals that remain etched in our memories for days; not because they’re memorable, but because we’re not able to erase them from our psyche.

In this video, Salman makes another classic compromising fashion statement.