Dear Salman Khan,

What’s up? How’s the weather in Bombay? Yes, this is me making small talk while I work my way to the real issue here.

I get it – you said something stupid. We’ve all done that. No, not compared our tired bodies to a ‘raped woman’. Not all of us are that dumb. 

But this post is not a reaction to what you said. There have been enough reactionary voices already. This is more about what you didn’t say.

Why oh why in the name of everything that is holy do you not apologize for what you said? Why is it that your father and brother have to defend your blunder? You made a mistake. Accept it and move on. If you don’t, media’s obsession with you might drag on for a while. And no, by obsession I don’t mean the way the international media is obsessed with Tom Hiddleston. You might end up being the Nickelback of Bollywood. Except, over here, we’ll know why we’re angry at you.

My colleague who’s a huge fan of yours tells me bhai dil mein aata hain, samajh mein nahin. So here’s why I’m writing this to you in a language that you and your fans can understand.

Salman Khan, we just can’t take your

Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made many. You have made many more. (My well-wishers have asked me not to go into the details but “stay vague”)

But a true

is one who learns from his mistake and says ‘Sorry’.

There was a time you used to be one of the most 

stars in Bollywood. No, I’m not talking about the cops, but actual Bollywood fans.

There were people who used to go

every time they saw you. But now, after your self-inflicted

to your reputation, people are more like 

side hoja.

I’ve tried my best to write this letter in a language that you understand. So please, just say ‘sorry’ before you become

After all, how long do you want to live 

Just realize your mistake, admit to it and apologize. Pretty simple.

Kyunki jeena hai toh

Sincerely, a Well-wisher