Since the days of yore, Android makers and users alike have been involved in a heated battle with makers and users of Apple. The rivalry is so old that neither party can remember when it started. 


But it continues to burn to this day, more so when Apple launches something new and Android bois just let them know they had that shit sorted decades ago. 

As a matter of fact, Samsung does quite a bit of trolling of its own. 

You get the gist. It’s kind of the same old talking points but re-memed to reflect the time we are in. Actually, if you go back and just look at the jokes, you can tell what memes were popular during that time. It’s quite fun if you have nothing else to do. 


Coming to the crux of the matter, Apple just had another rather popular event to launch iPhone13. Naturally, Samsung, the white knight of Android, released an ad for Galaxy Z Flip 3, which seems like a subtle way of saying ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’. 

Haha! Got with the ‘subtle’ joke, didn’t I? Anyhow, the fans are having a gala time over it. 

I don’t get it. We all literally use the same 5 apps anyway. That said, nice burn!