Gone are the days when comics and cartoons were equated with mindless entertainment. To be honest, nothing drives home a point better than a ‘harmless’ comic strip sugarcoating a satirical message. Just like these ones right here that aptly sum up everything that’s wrong with our current way of living.

Check ’em out and get ready for some major déjà vu.

1. Because TV shows are the only way we bond now.

2. No matter how busy we are, we always make time. For a quick smoke.

3. We’re working too hard to make someone else look good.

4. We might be having 500 contacts in our cell phone, but we’re in contact with no one.

5. Modes of communication might’ve increased, but communication has decreased.

6. We make a lot of effort. To avoid meeting people.

7. Because we live to tell people that we have a life.

8. Remember how they used to say that money can’t buy happiness? Turns out they were right.

9. The thickness of the television screen has become inversely proportional to the belly size.

10. The office cubicles have become our cages.

11. We don’t own smartphones. Smartphones own us.

12. We don’t need anybody to love. We love ourselves. A lot.

13. Notifications > Gifts

14. Staying alive comes with a price now.

15. From kabootar jaa jaa jaa to WhatsApp jaa jaa jaa.

16. No matter where we are, we MUST stay online.

Times they are a changin’.