The fact that Indian cinema copies its western counterpart isn’t really news. 

b”We’ve copied the film, might as well copy the poster too.”

Heck, even our TV shows have copied from the movies.

b'”Of course they’re not the same. Look at his hair, for god’s sake!”‘

You could say, we’ve kinda come to terms with it. Or at least we did until we stumbled on this. 

Remember that chilling teaser for Game of Thrones Season 6? Yeah, you know the one.

This link shared by Redditor Renderdog seems to show a teaser clip for Sasural Simar Ka that looks like it’s using the famous Hall of Faces from Game of Thrones.

Now, we’re all fans of GoT (can’t wait season 6) & we’re sure the writers of SSK are too, but this ‘tribute’ is probably taking things a little too far. Check it out for yourself.

H/T Reddit