There’s no doubt that ads have been the primary source of promotion and marketing for a while now. While there have been a number of ads that were problematic AF, some savage ads served the perfect amount of sass and brutality.

And today, we have compiled some of those ads for you. Are you ready? Let’s check these ads out!

If you are single, come, let’s cry together.

Just a dating app being brutally honest.

Brand wars have the most savage responses and this ad is proof.

Who do you think won this brand war – BMW or Audi? 

The Branding Journal
Pics Me

Burger King clearly won this advertising battle.

Hello Print

From superheroes to ads, capes make everything better.

Hello Print

This ad definitely hit the spot.

Trend Hunter

You badass.

The Inspiration

Ah, the wit and humour!


We give this ad five ‘STAR’s. (Did you see what I did there?)

Seattle PI


Bored Panda

There’s just no end to the iPhone VS Samsung battle, is there?

Hello Print

Ah, these savage ads were awesome!