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How to satisfy a woman during Suhagrat ? What is proper Suhagrat etiquette for women. How to increase ‘sax’ power? Whether worrying about ‘ling’ size is worth it or not? Today is your day of enlightenment folks, for deep, profound questions will be answered today!

We found a no-bullshit, right-on-the-money channel on YouTube that is set out to tell you exactly what you needed to know about ‘sax’. All their videos are easy to understand educational video articles that ‘avoid bad talk’ and impart knowledge in Hindi and Urdu.

Meet Qureshi Qureshi, the sex pokemon, and your one-stop-channel for sex advice:

And they get to business right away! Here are the Top 10 Sex questions, that everyone had but nobody asked, answered on YouTube for the entire world to watch and learn!

Can a Muslim wife suck a ‘link’ with her mouth? Really specific, non-secular, cyber-sex questions answered!


Is sucking on ‘pistons?’ valid? Automobile-sex questions answered!


Can you make babies with small ‘ling’? Chinese-sex questions answered!


What will a wife do when the husband is travelling abroad? Merchant-Navy-sex questions answered!


3 Phase Suhagrat tips for newly wed Dulhan. Inception-sex questions answered!


How to freeze a woman quicker during ‘ humbistari ‘? South-pole-sex questions answered!


How should a woman behave with her husband during sex? Moral-sciencey-religious-and-ethical-sex questions answered!


What is Paypal on internet? Paid-sex questions answered!


What is Google Translate tool? Sex-with-Foreigner questions answered!


Are Suhagrat and Sambhog videos fake? MMS-scandal-Desi-porn-Huha-bhajan questions answered!


I urge you to watch all their videos on the channel Qureshi Qureshi and always remember to avoid bad talk in Hindi!