Baba Ramdev has an insane following in India and abroad. Therefore, it is almost impossible to not get affected by what he says and does. Especially when he makes illogical and unscientific statements. Every now and then, he says something jo science ki literally dhajjiya uda deta hai.

Here’s what science according to Baba Ramdev is.

1. According to him lakhs of people have died in the pandemic because of allopathic medicines like steroids, remdesivir and other antibiotics.

While he did take his statement back after outrage, he ended up making another statement that was equally unscientific and illogical.

2. According to Baba Ramdev allopathy only controls diseases, while Ayurveda cures them.

In a recent interview with CNN-News18, Baba Ramdev clarified his remarks made on allopathy and said that Ayurveda should not be discriminated against as Ayurveda doctors are also trained at conducting surgeries and yoga has cured almost 98% of all the diseases.

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3. According to Baba, nature has given us two oxygen cylinders (nostrils) and so we shouldn’t be looking for oxygen outside.

4. He doesn’t need to get himself vaccinated because he has been following Yoga and Ayurveda for decades.


5. According to him, taking away voting and other rights from the third child of any couple can help control population.

6. If Baba Ramdev is to be believed, homsexuality is a disease that can be cured by Yoga.

7. According to him, egg doesn’t contain protein. Rather, it’s hen’s ‘potty’ because of the body part where it comes from.

How does he even come up with these statements?