We Indians have a unique way of doing everything. And selfies are one of them. 

Check out these selfies that only Indians could click because, photography skills level is at 1000, bro! 

1. The one when you spot a snake in the middle of nowhere.


2. The one when you spot a super fast train coming towards you.


3. The one when you are leaving on an Indian train.


4. The one when you buy your first railway ticket with your own money.


5. The one when you are quite literally right on track.


6. The one when you spot a hell load of an accident because roz roz thodi hota hai.


7. The one when you are at the border because patriotism, bro.


8. The one with the burning car in the middle of the road kyunki yeh bhi roz roz nahi hota.


9. The one with your very first challan after all achievements should be captured, right?


10. The one when you are taking a dump because getting dumped is too mainstream.


11. The one at the right angle, geometry FTW. 


12. The one with a python trying to kill you.

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13. The one with the fake flower in your hand because floral is art.

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After all there’s no bad place to take a selfie.