You watched Fifty Shades Of Grey or porn with your partner, and you were all spiced up, wanting to try that sexy move Christian Grey tried on Anastasia. But oops! It didn’t go quite as you imagined it in your head. But, relax! It’s not just you. More often than not, sex is far from what we imagine it to be. It’s not perfect to the T and there are a million embarrassing things that can happen during and after sex. 

These wonderful illustrations by Loryn Brantz capture the klutzy nature of sex, and we think it’s pretty spot on. 

1. Shower Sex

It’s going perfect, everything is smooth, foamy and wet, but then you suddenly open your eyes and WHOA! You either fall butt hard on the floor trying to get the perfect position or this happens.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Yeehaw! One thing leads to another, you try as many sex positions as possible. But there is always this one position where you end up getting hurt or hurting the other person.

3. Taking bath together

This has to be the most romanticised thing in movies. There’s no possible way that two people can fit in a bathtub together. Unless you don’t mind your hands and legs hanging outside the tub of course.

4. Trying a Kamasutra position

One of those days when you’re all in for trying something new and all you end up doing is poking each other in places that don’t need no poking. Or worse, you just can’t figure out where the hell that orifice is. 

b’All images are the property of Loryn and have been republished with permission. xc2xa0′

Yup, all of that is so effing true. But it’s still worth it, I guess.

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