Warning: Things are about to get pretty NSFW below. Proceed at your own discretion.

Comedy and the carnal have a deeply interconnected relationship, and during this lockdown, we could all use a bit of both. Luckily, stand up comedians have been using sex as a premise for jokes since time immemorial, and YouTube’s packing a lot of heat in that department. Here’s a few bits that orbit the full range of comedic coitus – for your pleasure.

1. Nikki Glaser invents a truly disturbing sex position.

2. Rachman Blake talks about trying butt stuff.

3. Iliza Shlesinger breaks down sex when you’re in your 30s.

4.  Mikhail Almeida talks about a specific sex request.

5. Chelsea Peretti on what she likes and doesn’t like during sex.

6. Whitney Cummings on what her robot has been put through.

7. Tammy Pescatelli on how sex has changed for the new generation.

8. Aakash Mehta on the struggles of long distance sex.

9. Trevor Noah talks about the similarities between sex and stand-up.

10. Geoff Keith talks about how condoms are a necessary evil.

11. Joe Kilgallon likes to combine sex and comedy in his life.

12. Russ Williamson on the best places and ways to have sex.

13. Michael Che on what men think about to stop from finishing early.

14. Dina Hashem talks about the possibilities of a sex shop.

15. Ellie Taylor on how Fitbits have affected her sex life.

I need some brain soap ‘cos this shit is dirty!