Very recently, a person named Sunil The Cricketer, posted a meme on Twitter that made a very good point. 

Shah Rukh Khan in the 90s was breaking all traffic rules one can think of. He was dancing on top of trains, cars, bikes, and he was jumping out a car bonnet, and singing songs while sitting on a piano mounted on a truck?

Damn, you can’t even say all that in one breath. But it is true, there is ample proof. 

1. No one needs to be reminded about Chaiya Chaiya, but I will still leave the song here in case you want to jam to it.

2. Now I know, it seems like it couldn’t possibly get more dangerous than doing a full-blown performance on top of a train, but it does. In the famous song Badi Mushkil Hai from Anjaam, he pushes half his body out of a car bonnet.

YouTube/Red Chillies Entertainment

And after good 10-15 seconds, he climbs to the roof. What is going on…

YouTube/Red Chillies Entertainment

The strangest part, however, is that no one is staring at him. That’s very unlikely to happen in reality, this is India. Anyway, Shah Rukh responded to someone’s comment on this stunt in 2019. Peak self awareness.

3. Moving on, in Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai he mounted on a truck along with a piano. I love the song, but Shah Rukh, could you please dance on a static surface for once?

YouTube/Yes Boss

At one point, he even jumps on someone else’s car.

YouTube/Yes Boss

4. Taking things up a notch, in the song Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyar Karne Wala he dances while sitting on the tire? Of a bike? Facing the handle? With at least 6 friends on board? 

Here’s the blink and you miss it scene.

YouTube/Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

6. This habit of breaking traffic rules isn’t leaving him, it seems. For instance, in the song Haule Haule, he gets on the top of a car, and the result? Chaos.

YouTube/ YRF

His only competition, as pointed out by many, is Ajay Devgn. The man took it to another level with this weird split which doesn’t even look cool. No?

Surprisingly, Shah Rukh’s most famous car song Ye Dil Deewana doesn’t have any such stunts. See? You can do it SRK, it’s possible. Please stick to dream sequences, we love it when you daydream.