Most of us have studied Shakespeare at school. And admittedly, we think exclusively old-timey and Victorian when we think of his literature. But a deeper look may reveal how very relevant his words are to us common folk of the modern world!

Read on and thou shalt not misseth an opportunity to use Shakespeare’s literary genius in the most mundane of situations.

1. Show solidarity when your friend starts dating that absolute troll.

2. When the parliament gives us more horror shows than the television.

3. If your friends really need a reason to get to partying.

4. When you find out you’ve passed the exam, by however small a margin.

5. When you must convince yourself to go back to that damned thankless job.

6. The perfect response to a demanding douchebag.

7. When your phone rings and it’s the girl you’re crushing hard AF on.

8. When you need a way to describe that lady at work who could compete at the make-up Olympics.

9. When you realise how little time’s left between now and the damn exams.

10. When the latest GOT season’s finished and you realise you have to wait another year for more.

11. When someone you know is being a real KRK.

12. The only way to describe Indian cinema and all its crazy.

13. To describe that attention-seeking dipsh*t who can’t get enough drama in life. We all know one.

14. When you need to ask a friend to rein in her resting-bitch-face tendencies.

15. For those rare moments when you feel like you’ve figured life out.

16. The perfect, nay, ONLY response to someone asking, “Do you think we’ve ordered too much food?”

17. When you’re on a diet so your friends think it’s safe to leave their pizza in your custody.

18. The pep talk you give your friends going into the trickiest of situations.

19. Every (Punjabi) mother’s go to dialogue. Just add, “Hai rabba!!!”

20. The perfect way to tell that dude to shut the f*ck up.

21. When you know something your friend doesn’t.

22. When (and may this never happen to any of you) you lose your job, your girlfriend dumps you and you stub your toe against the door.

Shakespeare was gangsta, bruv. Hence proved. Taking timeless to a whole other level.

You’re welcome.

Design Credit: Palki Sharma