Instagram has certainly become a tool for giving updates about our everyday lives. 

Almost everyone is posting pictures of what they’re eating, where they’re going and what they’re eating. There are also those who’re busy showing us what they’re wearing. #OOTD is a major trend on Instagram and there’s just no escaping pictures of all kinds of people wearing all kinds of things!

Speaking of clothes, there are also those who wearing some really cool outfits but aren’t really bothered about putting ’em up on social media because #nofuckstogive! Thankfully, there are enough and more accounts willing to document all those way-too-cool looks! 

Take for instance, Shanghai Observed. The account is hell bent on capturing those people of China (duh!) who have no idea what they are wearing. Talk about giving no fucks at all! 

Here are some of the best ones. Major LOLs ahead! 

1. Talk about contradictions!

2. Totally happy with her job!

3. Ignorance is bliss indeed!

4. What could have happened to her?

5. Don’t you dare, people!

6. Totally legit!

7. I feel you, bro.

8. I want this!

9. He’s got his priorities sorted. 

10. Thanks for the tip, Grandma!

11. She’s had enough! 

12. He must be a good father. 

13. In your face!

14. Zero fucks given!

15. And not your face!

Too cool for school!