Shark Tank India has become one of the biggest pop-culture phenomena of our times. So much so, that even when we know most of the judges were either born into wealth or incredible privileges that most of us will never have, we still think it’s the best thing for Indian TV. Trust someone who’s binged episodes of the real Shark Tank, it’s really shit. 

Obviously, there are better ways to make that statement as Instagram page Bakarmax has shown: 

The comics make fun of how the judges want to own your soul for a little handout money. 

Oh, and did I mention they are all rich pricks with a lot of daddy’s money? 

Honest Behind the Scenes of how this circus got approved. 

Shark Tank judges aur unke honest Linkedln CEO Mindset wale posts.

Ah, Rsanvijay trying to sell UpGrad courses no one wants to buy. 

Oh, and they drew me as well. The bloody irony!

Except, I think the whole concept sucks. Any show that invites poor, middle-class entrepreneurs and makes a circus with them as animals doing tricks for billionaire brats is an abortion that should have been had.