Shashi Tharoor, who is profoundly known for his eloquent vocabulary, has shared something that you must all definitely try. This time, showering his words on a food recipe called bhelpuri has amused many netizens on Twitter.

He shared the exotic recipe of bhelpuri that he received on WhatsApp with fancy words on Twitter and it has garnered a lot of attention. He captioned it saying, “As received on @WhatsApp. Good for weekend consumption!”.  

The way the recipe of this Indian snack is elaborated is witty and, you must have not heard it before. So far, the post has 1000 likes and over 200 retweets on Twitter. Some WhatsApp forwards can surprise you with good humour. 

Netizens have also commented using extraordinary words.

I hope you have tried this Exotic crispy puffed wild rice called bhelpuri.